Solar Impulse flight: Across the US, powered by the sun

The experimental airplane Solar Impulse completed its first flight across the United States this week. The Swiss-made plane, powered only by the sun, is the first to make the trip both day and night without using conventional fuel. It started the journey on May 3 in California and ended on July 6 in New York. Pilots and creators Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg took turns manning the single-seat flyer, which is powered by about 12,000 silicon solar cells and has a wingspan of a jumbo jet. The next step is a trip around the world in 2015.
(via the Big Picture)

Students create the world’s first solar family car

"One team of students in the Netherlands has come up with a novel way of side-stepping the ever-mounting price at the pump. Meet Stella, the solar powered family car. Unlike plug-in hybrids and battery-swapping EVs, solar vehicles have largely been overlooked in the search for an energy-efficient family sedan. But that didn’t stop Team Eindhoven from building Stella — something they did from the ground up in just six months.”

World’s first digital camera to be powered by sunlight and wind-up renewable energy

Sun & Cloud is a digital camera the features built-in components for generating power with renewable energy, including solar and mechanical power. The camera, priced at $200, could be an excellent learning tool for kids, teaching them just how energy is created and how much energy it takes to run an electronic device. Plus, it takes pictures, which kids love and so is a great reward for the kids to want to learn about the renewable energy aspect of the device.”

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