Pufferfish photobombs diver in Hawaii in amazing shot 

A diver off Hawaii’s Kohala coast was upstaged by a photobombing pufferfish.

Regan Mizuguchi was taking a photo as he dived with his GoPro camera when he caught the attention of the scene-stealing sea creature.

"I had placed my GoPro camera on the ocean floor and was experimenting taking images when I noticed the fish bobbing through the water," he told Metro. “It was only after I reviewed the images that I noticed it had completely blocked out my face in one of the shots. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was.”

(via Daily News)

The 1st Annual World Shorebirds Day Kicks Off On September 6

Shorebird populations worldwide are declining, and endangered birds like the spoonbill sandpiper are facing extinction in the next five years. Learn about shorebirds who migrate to San Francisco Bay during winter months, and how you can join the first annual “World Shorebirds Day” celebration from Sharol Embry of the East Bay Regional Park District at KQED Science.

20 New Coral Species Listed as Threatened Under the Endangered Species Act

"Twenty coral species—ten times the number listed previously—are the newest animals slated for protection under the Endangered Species Act. The ruling, announced Tuesday evening by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), did not come with restrictions on "taking" corals—harming them directly by collecting them or indirectly by altering their habitat—but officials haven’t ruled out such restrictions for the future."

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