Invading Super Cockroach Is Immune to Cold, Wants to Rule Manhattan

A great sage once said that New York City is a concrete jungle where dreams are made. So which demented mind dreamed of the cockroach that can survive the freezing cold? That’s what scientists want to know after a discovering a new non-native species of cockroach roaming the wilderness of Manhattan’s west side.

"Periplaneta japonica has special powers not seen in the local roach population: It can survive outdoors in the freezing cold," the Associated Press reportsPeriplaneta japonica is the scientific drag name that the super cockroach goes by, better known in circles in Asia as “That’s disgusting.” 

Here’s What Happens Inside You When a Mosquito Bites

The video below shows what happens when a mosquito finally finds and pierces a blood vessel. On average, they drink for around 4 minutes and at higher magnifications, [researcher Valerie] Choumet could actually see red blood cells rushing up their mouthparts. They suck so hard that the blood vessels start to collapse. Some of them rupture, spilling blood into the surrounding spaces. When that happens, the mosquito sometimes goes in for seconds, drinking directly from the blood pool that it had created.”

(via National Geographic)


New ‘Fairy’ Insect Is Mind-Blowingly Small

"A new species of tiny fly named after the fairy in "Peter Pan" is mind-blowingly miniscule, with delicate wings trimmed in fringe.

Tinkerbella nana is a newly discovered species of fairyfly from Costa Rica. Fairyflies are a type of chalcid wasp, and almost all are parasites, living on the eggs and larvae of other insects. It’s a gruesome way to live, but it makes fairyflies useful for farmers, who sometimes import them to control nasty pests.”

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