Cotton Vs. Polyester: Which Gym Clothes Trap The Most Body Odor?

Chris Callewaert wants to solve body odor, starting with your gym clothes.

He and a team of European microbiologists have tackled a stifling mystery that permeates locker rooms and laundry hampers across the world: Why does gym gear reek even days after a workout?

A fair assumption would be that some fabrics trap more sweat than others, but perspiration on its own is sterile and does not produce foul odors.”

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Perdue Says Its Hatching Chicks Are Off Antibiotics

Perdue Farms says it has ditched the common practice of injecting antibiotics into eggs that are just about to hatch. And public health advocates are cheering. They’ve been campaigning against the widespread use of antibiotics in agriculture, arguing that it’s adding to the plague of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

This particular use of antibiotics is ubiquitous but little-known. It happens at hatcheries, which lie at the heart of large-scale chicken production.”

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These Two Guys Studied Their Feces for a Year

The only window into our mysterious inner menagerie is poop. And that’s not an easy thing to track.

“I vividly remember the first time I did it because it smelled really bad,” David, now an assistant professor of molecular genetics and microbiology at Duke University, says about the sample collection process. “I didn’t think I was going to make it through the full year after the first day—I almost threw up.”  Eventually he got used to the smells, but the endeavor was far from easy.  “It was tiring,” he says.”

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