Chin strap makes electricity from chewing

Engineers in Canada have built a chin strap that harnesses energy from chewing and turns it into electricity.

They say the device could one day take the place of batteries in hearing aids, earpieces and other small gadgets.

Made from a “smart” material that becomes electrically charged when stretched, the prototype needs to be made 20 times more efficient in order to generate useful amounts of power.”

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MIT’s Robot Cheetah Is No Longer Bound to the Treadmill

Two years ago, MIT researchers showcased the first run of its cheetah-inspired robot, which could run 5.1 miles per hour, but only on a treadmill.

Now, the team there has significantly improved the robot’s capabilities. It can run twice as fast (10 mph), jump over 13-inch obstacles, and is no longer tethered to the treadmill.”

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