Watch this MIT Researcher Triple the Size of a 200-Foot Apartment Using ‘Minority Report’-Like Gestures

MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places team has created a futuristic device that could make your tiny apartment feel more like a spacious penthouse. Introducing CityHome, a motorized and compact “home in a box” that can make a 200 square foot space feel like a room three times larger. Equipped with built-in sensors, motors, and LED lights, this multipurpose invention will even expand and collapse with a wave of your hand or the sound of your voice.”

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The Science Of A Great Subway Map

"Transit maps have a considerable impact on the everyday lives of people in cities…Recently, some vision scientists at MIT developed a remarkably direct way to perform just this type of map evaluation. The research team, led by Ruth Rosenholtz of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, devised a computer model capable of determining how well people will comprehend a subway map (or any other complex diagram) in a single glance. The model spits out alternate visualizations called “mongrels”—twisted images that represent how our brains actually process the maps in front of our eyes.”

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