Watch the First Vine Video From Space

First, man walked on the moon. Then, there were tweets from space, YouTube videos from space, selfies from space and Instagrams from space.

Now, at long last, we can feast our eyes on a Vine video from space.

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman posted the first Vine video from the International Space Station on Friday. The six second looping video shows a single Earth orbit, which usually takes 92 minutes on the ISS — but it’s just six seconds here.”

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Astronaut may get Christmas wish for spacewalk

Space station astronaut Rick Mastracchio may get his Christmas wish for a spacewalk or two because of a broken cooling system.

Mastracchio, an experienced spacewalker, said he’s more than ready to go out and make repairs, if deemed necessary by Mission Control.

"Any time you have something like this, it’s good news, bad news," Mastracchio told The Associated Press on Friday.”

Chris Hadfield Offers Astronaut’s Guide To Movember

By now you’re probably familiar with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and his five-month stint in space that came to an end this past summer.

Well, it turns out that readjusting to terrestrial life hasn’t been quite so easy for the retired space explorer, as he playfully highlights in a new video (above). He uses the spotlight—and his iconic mustache—to bring attention to Movember, the annual month-long event aimed at raising money and awareness to help combat prostate and testicular cancer.”

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