Do pygmy seahorses search for a coral that matches their color, or do they change their color to match the coral?

Learn more in Pygmy Seahorses: Masters of Camouflage, the premiere video for our new science series, Deep Look. Watch on Tuesday, October 21.

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Locked-in people’s awareness revealed by rainbow hair

These colourful Mohawks might be key to identifying people who are locked in their bodies with no way to communicate.

People who are in a vegetative state can sometimes have some awareness of their surroundings, but it can be difficult for doctors and family to work out how much when they can’t respond physically or verbally.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge measured 32 patients’ brain activity using an electroencephalograph (EEG) machine. The team analysed the networks of signals between brain regions in a bid to discover what they call “the neural signatures of consciousness”, shown in this image.”

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