These Genius Dolphins Are Using Sea Sponges as Tools

The first thing to know is that dolphins can be divided into two groups, and those groups are ”spongers” and ”non-spongers.” The non-spongers are the dolphins that are probably the ones you think about when you have occasion to think about dolphins: smooth, sleek, nimbly darting through the water. 

But the spongers! The spongers are slightly less physically nimble, but possibly much more intellectually nimble, than their fellow cetaceans.”

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The Girl Who Wouldn’t Drink Water

Shira slipped into a cycle of self-starvation, borrowing diet “rules” from books and websites to accelerate the process. What she began gradually in 8th grade became a full-blown illness over the next three years, reinforced by her parents’ approval, her self-engineered trips to weight loss camps, and social isolation. She wavered between seriously disordered and more ordinary eating behavior until she traveled to Israel during the spring semester of her junior year of high school. It was then she began to go for days without eating, eat “a couple bites of something,” and then go several more days again. She also started restricting her water intake, at one point going four days without a single sip.”

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FDA Proposes E-Cigarette Regulation For the First Time

The Food and Drug Administration today proposed a new set of rules that will make selling e-cigarettes to minors illegal, regulating the $2 billion industry for the first time.

The public has 75 days to comment on the proposed rules, which would require e-cigarette manufacturers to report ingredients to the FDA and affix a label warning that they contain nicotine, which is addictive, to each product. The FDA would also prevent companies from selling e-cigarettes in vending machines (unless they are in a place where minors are not permitted entry) or distribute free samples, and set the national minimum purchasing age of e-cigarettes at 18.”

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Historic Shipwreck in San Francisco Bay Rediscovered

"The SS City of Chester was a passenger ship. It carried people up and down the West Coast at a time before highways were built. On the morning of August 22, 1888, it was heading out of San Francisco Bay up to to Eureka when it was struck by another ship, the RMS Oceanic, which was coming into the bay from China.

Now, scientists have re-discovered the ship. (A team of scientists thought it detected the ship soon after it sunk, but that was 126 years ago and not much has happened with it since then.)”

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